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Weekly Rundown: Weekly Workout Recap March 18-24

Weekly Workout Recap March 18-24

Weekly Rundown Workout Recap

Weekly Rundown Workout Recap

Hello and welcome to spring! The official start of spring came with a lovely snowstorm here in New Hampshire so here’s hoping that is the last of it for a long time. I am ready for spring! Most of my running this week was on the treadmill (boo!) due to the weather and also based on days when I have the kids at home with me. Here is a rundown of my workouts from the week!

Will spring ever really arrive in NH?

Will spring ever really arrive in NH?

Monday-Crossfit 1:00

Monday the CrossFit session was a killer shoulder workout. We did 5 rounds of  5 strict pull ups,  30 second handstand holds, and 10 alternatingd umbbell press.  Then we did 7 rounds of jump roping (30), lunges with 10 overhead dumbbell hold (single arm), then 10 push press and finished off with 100 sit ups.  What a workout!

Tuesday-Base Run 45 minutes

Easy miles

Easy miles

On Tuesday I did some easy base run mileage on the treadmill.  It is always nice to shake out the legs on these easy runs.

Wednesday-CrossFit 1:00

Another killer class. We did 4 rounds of back squats with increasingly heavier weights. We followed this up with dead lifts and lateral burpees over the bar. There were 6 rounds of dead lifts in all with increasing weight. I definitely had some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) going on later in the week from all of the squats.

Thursday-No workout

I had yoga on the schedule but sadly couldn’t fit it in.

Friday-Threshold Run 50 minutes

It's all good!

It’s all good!

I woke up to a lot of snow on Friday morning with more continuing to fall so I took my run to the treadmill. Where is the spring running? Here is the rundown for what this workout looked like:

dynamic w/u
15 min gradual w/u
3 x 6:00 @ threshold pace (comfortably hard, approx. 10k pace), 4:00 easy recovery
easy run to conclude, stretch

I am working on being better at the dynamic warm up portion of my run as well as stretching when I am finished. I oftne neglect this part of the run even though it’s just as important as the running itself.

I felt strong on this run however would have much preferred to do this on the road. I was sweating buckets when I was finished.

Saturday-CrossFit 1:00

At CrossFit on Saturday I found my 1 rep max for bench press which is 95 pounds! We also did a workout called “the Chief” which was a series of power cleans, push-ups, and air squats. This workout kicked my ass!

Sunday-Endurance Run with Pick-ups 1:15

Sunny day skiing then a run.

Sunny day skiing then a run.

I went skiing with the kids for most of the day and it was a glorious 50 degrees. Then I still needed to get in my run and since this is my weekend with the kids I cranked this one out on the treadmill although I would have preferred to be on the roads!

Here is the run down on this workout:

dynamic w/u
10 min gradual w/u
Settle into a comfortable/aerobic effort (~ marathon pace). Add in 1:00 pick-ups to half marathon pace every 10 minutes to vary pacing and effort.
stretch/recovery drink

So that’s the latest rundown of my half marathon training from last week!

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

What was your toughest workout last week?


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